fed: a goal for the week

bowl of goodness (or so they tell me)

i believe in making small goals. each week. little things: more water, an apple a day, and on and on and such and such.

eventually these goals build on each other. they snowball (and tis' the season, right?).

i returned from thanksgiving with a terrible case of the homesick-blues and just ever-so-slightly in a state of sugar shock.

i didn't feel as though i overrate this thanksgiving holiday, but i certainly ate more than normal. this is not to say i regret one thing i put in my body or that i'd change anything. the holidays is a time to indulge in things you might not normally have. why not?! i say!

but i do believe in balance (i am a libra, after all). 

and returning to my own home, and my own kitchen, and my own city today i felt the need to balance my sugar-shock with something else.

so i set a goal.

this week i will reach for the unusual. i will step out of my comfort zone in terms of healthy foods. i won't rely on my old standbys.

so this morning i pulled the yellow bowl from my favorite set of dishes. in it i put a small container of greek yogurt (not using greek yogurt as a sour-cream-substitute {but as actual yogurt} is a big thing for me), blackberries, walnuts, and a little go lean crunch.

and then lunch found me at the whole foods bar noshing on red quinoa and an endive salad. i hated it at first, thought what have i done? but the more i noshed the more i felt my body thank me. 

when i eat things that are really good for me (nutritionally speaking) i feel space open up within me. perhaps it's an imagined thing, but it's marvelous nonetheless. it as though my chest becomes a cavity filled with light and space and energy (am i getting too new age-y yet?). 

so, do tell...have you a goal for the week? ( i want to know wether it's to write more often in your journal or sign up for the nearest singles's dodgeball league).