giving thanks.

the boys

hike, hike

ralphie gives good lovin'

that water looks cold

nice to have another girl in the family

who knows what they're talking about

did i mention i had a lovely time away this thanksgiving? well, i did. despite the long travel to get there and back, i'd do it again in a heartbeat. 
i was joined there by my mother, father, brother, two aunts, two uncles, two cousins, and one brand-new cousin-in-law (i think that's a term). not to mention the three dogs.
we spent much of our time cooking, eating, watching tosh.0 (which, oh goodness, did i love), and taking in the breathtaking scenery. yes, there was that one brief moment we thought my cousin had to go to the hospital because he had peed blood, but as it turns out too many beets can make your urine do some funny things .

i'm telling you, if i could figure out a reason to move to colorado, i just might.