look again. that's not the turkey.

a turkey? i think not.

we had plenty of desserts planned for thanksgiving. we had the fruity desserts covered, the chocolatey, even the traditional. 

there was no need for my ice cream pie concoction. but the ice cream pie has never been about need. it is about whimsy and delight.

and who doesn't need a little more whimsy in their life?

it may have ended up looking something like a turkey and weighing something akin to one, but let me tell you... it was good.

it's quite easy to make: a veritable dumping ground of anything cold and delicious. a pre-made graham cracker crust combined with three or four different flavors of ice cream and  plenty of crushed toffee pieces (think heath bars {or skors}) layered after each different flavor. and voila! done. guaranteed turkey-day (or any holiday for that matter) success.