i know you've been waiting for it. so without further ado...

green monster

i finally broke down and tried the green monster last night. because camilla's been raving so about it. and because during our phone conversation yesterday she delivered a swift blow to my achilles heel: i feel like my eyelashes have gotten longer, she said.
eyelashes? longer? oh man. 

and so i tried it because what i've really learned in the last three months is that all of this--health and nutrition and happiness and well...life is one grand experiment. trial and error. figuring out what works for you. 

there was a point just after thanksgiving when i wanted to stop physique. i'll just go back to the gym, i thought. the commute is too long. i'm getting worse! 

but i continued on. because in a moment of uncharacteristic wisdom i knew those thoughts to be passing. i'd hit a little wall. but soon enough i'd just plow on through it. 

and i did. 

i love going to class because for one hour each day nothing else exists outside that room. it is a time to be selfish in the most productive of ways. 

and yes, i imagine i look a little different. not impossibly so. but enough. 

but like i've said before, it's the benefits to my health, the desire to get better and stronger that keep me going back again and again. it's the fact that now when we get to the abs i can keep up. and the fact that i no longer struggle with pain in my back. it's increased bone density (and while i can't see or feel this i'm told that it's true). 

after three months i don't have the body of kelly ripa. but then again i've got like a foot on her, so i probably never will. 

i'm stronger and happier. and so i'll continue on (even if i risk standing next to a radio city rockette and feeling....just so much less). it's the mental end that really does it for me. the gift of getting better and ticking off small accomplishment after small accomplishment.