paper-airplane love note.


she wanted to shout out across the room to him.

i know, she wanted to say. i know i'm not good at this.

she needed to be heard above the people and commotion and muddled hysteria.

needed to cast her voice out. a fishing-line of wanting.

i'm not good at this. and i know i'm making it hard.
i know that we meet each time anew. each day, as strangers. 
but it's because i'm terrified. and enthralled. 
exhilarated, even. 
and i don't know... are.
and yes--yes, of course!--i want to swim in your unknown. but i need you to invite me. to reach for my hand, grasp for my hand--feelingly--and pull me in. 

that's what she would say. if ever she found her voice.