book club (vlog follow-up) .

book club selection: the guernsey literary and potato peel pie society. 

my reasoning: i've actually read this book before i adored it in every possible way. it's a quick and easy read that both charms and moves. i find it perfectly fitting since it deals with a book club and the power of words--and lordy i can't wait till we sit down and talk about the power of words!

a note about the book club: if you haven't read the book--i still want you to come. but if you are so inclined to read it, please do (i promise it's lovely). this book club is meant to be a way to meet people (and know that on my first draft of this i spelled meet, meat. really?), stir-up discussion (and not just that pertaining to whatever we've just read). i have found in my nearly seven years in this city that it can be difficult to meet people--especially when they fall out of our normal circle of work or school or some such. so as long as you bring a smile (even if you're secretly terrified), then that's all i care about.

if you've emailed me: (and i haven't emailed back...) all of the emails are in a specific folder in my inbox and as soon as i figure out a location then you will be getting an email with details and a hop-stop direction guide!

let the discussion begin! this is what i had to say about the book last go round.