FED: it's all in the family.

the other night when i called home i was chatting away with my mother when she suddenly became distracted.

your father's throwing acai berries at me, she explained.

i love this for so many reasons. for the fact that my parents still have fun together--think of it, flying food as proof of love!--and also because they were actually eating acai berries--oh how far we've all come since the days of oreos after dinner.

when i first began to uproot my eating patterns--cutting out meat, eating goji berries and mulberries, seeking out fair-trade foods and eco-concious restaurants--my meat and potato parents viewed this all a little wearily--or, at least, i feared they would.

(let me be clear: as a child i ate white bread. i pitied those forced to endure whole-wheat--oh the deprived childhoods they must lead, i thought.)

there's nothing harder than totally changing your eating habits and not having the support of those around you--so calling home and knowing my parents were eating chocolate covered acai berries--knowing that they're not just supportive in their words but in their actions--that is not lost on me. i realize that's not the norm. and i feel so unbelievably lucky.

in other (but related) news: i finally pulled out my babycakes cookbook and whipped up some vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free (it's sweetened with agave) banana bread. while finding some of the ingredients in whole foods proved tricker than usual, actually putting it all together was a breeze. and it was good--moist and good. and quickly eaten up when i offered it up to our version of craft-services on my last day of shooting.

vegan/gluten-free/sugar-free banana bread