book club: the first meeting

book club

it started to snow saturday afternoon. for just a moment. and for the first time since that first fateful snowfall following christmas i found myself willing the sky to really open up. i figured a blanketing of the city would be a perfectly valid excuse to postpone the next day's book club meeting.

i was scared.

utterly terrified.

i knew no one. but nor did anyone else.

and then a little gift of the universe: an ice-breaker in the form of a room change. our pre-assigned room--room 401 had been re-assigned for none other than...wait for it...stripperexpertease (yes, please do note how that word is spelled).

i figured if that didn't scare people away, well then, by golly, we were gonna be okay.

the whole thing was lovely. truly, lovely (there was a really good energy in the room {does that sound new age-y and weird?}). and i felt so incredibly lucky to be surrounded by smart, out-spoken women (and one man!).

discussion of the book led to discussion of writing and blogging and our own lives and what brought us to new york and on and on. the two hours flew by but we followed it up with a late lunch at a corner diner and more discussion.

i feel so very lucky to have met such good, brave people and i can't wait until next month. the book has yet to be decided but our tentative date is sunday, march 20 (probably around 3 pm this time) and newcomers are of course welcome and encouraged.

a tremendous thank you to those who came and anyone who read along (please do tell what you thought of the book!)...and until next time.