intelligence. mine ended long before the download.

does anyone remember the ill-fated honesty box on facebook?

it was one of those silly and absurd applications that sounds oh-so-intriguing at the time.

people could "deposit" little notes in your box about what they really thought of you.

tickled by the premise, i posted it to my profile:  fantastic, bring it on!

oh, dear. i should have known.

and that's when it happened. someone left a little note saying something along the lines of: just because you're prettier than everyone else doesn't make you better. 


and because the honesty box was really classy, you could actually respond.

so i accessed my inner-snark and wrote back: if you knew me at all, you'd know that i don't think i'm better than people because of what i look like, but because i'm smarter than everyone else. 

yes, the high-road. obvs.

(i know, i know. not. my finest hour. and yet...not a response i regret).

my honesty box stayed around just long enough for someone to say something cruel enough that i left facebook all together for a time.

i don't know if the honesty box still even exists.  or if its been relegated to the same place that all those facebook-stalker-revealer-applications eventually end up. because let's be honest--no one wants a facebook application that will let us see who's been viewing our page--(aka: lets others know we've been viewing their page. a lot. too much. way too. much, even).

coming across the above image reminded me of the story. 
and because it's late and i'm tired and why not? i thought i'd share.