my manhattan: time in the kitchen, old friends, new friends, and colored tiles

the bronx

famous banana bread

making peanut butter


stunning monica

mac "un" cheese

dinner party: brooklyn

girls night

the weather in new york this week was such that i threw open every window of the apartment as often and as quickly as possible. with an uncharacteristic amount of time on my hands i took to the kitchen (where, as it turns out, the cuisinart is changing my life). i made sweet potato pancakes, peanut butter from stratch, a vegan version of mac and cheese, and--the now tried and true--banana bread. i was also fortunate enough to visit with my absolutely stunning (and smart, to boot) friend, monica who this summer will tie the knot with her charming love of six (seven?) years. sigh. where did that time go? and the week rounded out with a dinner party in brooklyn where i met with some of the most intelligent and charming women i've had the pleasure to know in quite some time. when my father asked me what such forward-thinking ladies speak about when gathered together for an evening of good food and lots of wine, i replied: boys, of course.