book club: the paris wife/giveaway winner announced!

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the second meeting of book club went wonderfully. the house was clean, the light was streaming, the bubbles were flowing, and there was plenty of bread and cheese (which as i sit here writing this now i'm doing everything i can to keep myself from going to the fridge for more. i'm also doing all i can to keep my eyes 

and then there was the company. and the discussion. 

i feel so lucky. right now. at this very moment. i met a fantastic group of new friends friday night, i went to work saturday where i'm surrounded by strong and beautiful women, and then today: moving and generous, these girls really got me thinking and talking--in fact the discussion didn't really end until 8:30 tonight when my two roommates and i decided it was probably time to wind it down. 

for those who couldn't be with us we spent a lot of time talking about the social pressures and expectations of that time period. (for those who don't know the book chronicles the marriage of earnest hemmingway and his first wife hadley. the story is told from her perspective and much of it takes place in paris). we spoke of the difference in age between earnest and hadley and how that manifested in their relationship (he was 21 to her 28).

and while others praised her strength i was particularly struck by how in her desperation to keep earnest, hadley seemed to temper so much of what made her unique and vibrant--the very things earnest was drawn to. she became a shell of herself--willingly catered to his shadow.

it really got me thinking that often the way to deal with what we fear is to head into it--not to do all we can to avoid it. we have to be willing to lose everything if we're actually going to get what we want. 

just a thought.

in other news: our giveaway winner!!  congrats to heldredg (and many thanks for the kind comment about my little blog here). 

for those who didn't win there's hope yet: you can get 10% off your Shabby Apple order by entering wilybrunette10off at the time of purchase. i'm thinking i might just get the dress myself, i love it so!

here's hoping everyone's week get's off to a great start.

on tap for me: noah and the whale tuesday night and home to texas wednesday morning.
 it's gonna be a good week, indeed.