for your listening (and viewing) pleasure. {and for mine}.

i know, i know. another one.
(another noah and the whale related post).
and yes, i know, i understand why many think this third album isn't as good as the first two.
but the thing is...
the second album was one of such deep heartache.
and i know that. that sadness that swallows you whole.
so this third album--one of great hope and resiliency and coming back to one's self and realizing that life is even sweeter...well, maybe that's why i love it. the bliss of it. the bliss that comes after the fallout.

so yes. i'm sharing this video. because it's one of my favorite songs on the album.
and because lately, i've been thinking, that i'd do just about anything to be seventeen again, driving the winding roads to school in my volvo station wagon, listening to john mayer (before he ever released his second studio album and we learned far too much about his personal life in the tabloids). to be seventeen, immune to heartache, and feel like anything at all is within a fingertip's grasp.

ps: doesn't the drummer just look like sun is shining down on his face?