a guide to a successful self-portrait session. (in the bathroom).

1. stop worrying about whether it's narcissistic. it is. move on.
2. pull out your bumpit. if your gonna engage the ego, might as well add a bit of whimsy.
3. choose a bathroom with strong lighting to wash out any flaws.
4. make sure the camera is in focus, even if you are not.
5. know that for every 10 photos you take there might be 1 good one. and that's a pretty successful ratio.

photo tutorial 5

photo tutorial 6

bathroom photo-taking tutorial 1

photo tutorial 4

bathroom photo tutorial 2

no, but in all seriousness, i joke about this and i take excessive amounts of bathroom shots because i actually have a tremendous fear of having my photo taken. darn that last vestige of ned. but i'm working on it. here's to the day when i won't need to ever employ the bathroom photo shoot again!

and since i'm feeling "in the answering questions mood": the lipstick worn in my other bathroom shoot was benefit lip stain in posietint.