a light breeze and i'm off and...walking. today, i'm walking.

ring 1

(last night a man told me i looked like the spitting image of natalie portman in black swan. 
i have a lot of strange notions about what i look like, but really? 
i don't know if it was a compliment or his way of saying i look tired and neurotic.)

the air is barreling in through the windows today. cutting across the living room and kitchen. cutting across the gray-blue walls of my room to where i sit in my beloved reading chair.

i slept last night.  got a full night of sleep. and what wonders that strange and lovely elixir of sleep is! i awoke feeling like a person. a person who could get through the day before her, and as i'm told, that's important.

i keep catching smells and missing things. this morning it was the beach. a few days ago it was my aunt and uncle's home in new jersey. funny how each smell is of a place of peace and balance.

i had this dream for the month of may. that i'd wake each morning and spend an hour writing. one hour doing the very thing that creates a vibrational energy in the deep tissue of my body.

now it is june. and this did not happen. writing gave way. and exercise gave way. and a tidal wave of the mundane overtook. mundane but necessary.

i haven't moved my body in a month. my poor body! it's desperate for a challenge. so instead of spending any more time here i'm off for a morning walk along the hudson. there was a brief time it would have been a morning jog. sigh. oh well, i'll get back there?

ps: coming to book club this saturday @ 2:30? it's at the same location as last go round. if you'd like to attend and don't know where the meet-up is i need you to send me an email at wilybrunette@yahoo. entitle it BOSSYPANTS so i can get back to you immediately!