my manhattan: (not the one i usually like to claim, but...)

to the 1 train

tourist shop

one way

late show

applejack diner


last night the weather in new york was perfect. really and truly. it was my idea of perfect. cool but not chilly. breezy but not lift-your-skirt-up-gusts. 

so when i finished work i opted to take the long walk to the A train. and i opted to pull out my camera. 

it's not my favorite area to walk in and certainly not my favorite area to photograph. in fact, i often think the slogan for midtown manhattan should be "the loneliest place on earth"(that's a whole post unto itself) but i longed for the weight of the canon in my hands and around my neck (and because you know what they say about practice). 

i get frustrated when i have nothing to share on the blog. when i have nothing to say. no pictures. no witty comments or stories. because what this really means is that life has somehow stalled. life has ceased to challenge me--i have ceased to challenge myself. that there have been no new experiences or rather that i'm not in the frame of mind to identify the mundane for the unsolicited miracles they often are. 

does this make sense?

because sometimes, even in this state, i do have things to say. but i can't get the words out. and that's tremendously frustrating. the bottleneck of words sitting in my stomach.

ps: in other news, remember how i saw johnny flynn last saturday? and how i must have annoyed him to death with the 400 pictures i took. oh, poor johnny flynn. anywhoo, a lovely, young woman studying journalism was at the same concert--found my blog because of my 400 pictures and asked to write a story about me. and write a story she did. it's a multimedia piece--print, slideshow, video (of which i'm really self-concious about the plumpness of my face, sigh), and podcast. i think it turned out really well. 

see it here. (the slideshow, video, podcast are all links on the right of that main page).