on getting bangs.

i needed a wee of a change. you know?

and i thought, bangs, so very parisian, no?

yesterday a man stopped me at work and asked if people don't tell me all the time i look like carla bruni?

i do not. i do not look like carla bruni. and i've never gotten it before. (she's far better looking than i).

but i understand why he said it--it's the haircut. with the bangs and when i wear my hair down, well, i understand where this man was coming from. 

and listen, a compliment like that, i'm gonna take it and run.

after all i was going for french. and she's married to the president of france, so...

i might have over shot it. 

(ps: i'll get an email from my mother saying this photo doesn't really look like me. 
and she'll be right. 
but that's the miracle of instagram--it's a really cheap way of airbrushing 
{and making you look better than you do in real life}).