celebrating the next year. (my manhattan: the birthday edition).

having been in new york for so long now i feel extremely lucky to have so many friends from so many different parts of my life: childhood friends, school friends, work friends, happenstance friends. on monday night several of them came over to help me ring in the new year (new to me, so to speak). with plenty of wine, noah & the whale carrying through the speakers, and such good people around me, i felt so very lucky--so very happy and humbled to know such kind and generous people.

i wore fake eyelashes, my most comfortable dress, and padded round the apartment barefoot. i only broke one champagne glass (and that's on me, i was drinking diet coke from it while baking the cake), but i did manage to land a fair amount of bubbly all over the wood floor (those old school champagne glasses have too much exposed surface area).

all in all it was simply a lovely evening.

setting the scene: blue october

if i drank red wine...

bread and cheese


i baked it myself!

they won't be blown out

don't burn down the apartment


in the kitchen with ashlea

oh, hello there

let them eat cake!


the rustic life

the ladies

well that's all then

light and life

ps: i must thank you all--you who come to this wee-here-blog-of-mine--for sharing in my birthday yesterday. your kind words of encouragement never cease to inspire and fill me.
i am in your debt, truly.