linking up.

{so w're gonna have to just accept that while i like making these link lists the chances of them happening at the same time every week (friday)...slim to none. so it'll be like a little surprise each week}.


a lovely discourse on the power of touch.

considering it was the most powerful book i've ever read (yes, i'm saying that), i know the movie will disappoint. and yet, i began sobbing about thirty seconds into the trailer.

seriously, what is it about ryan gosling?

love that this man claims to be the product of a conspiracy of love. what a powerful thought.

the democratization of energy? now that's an idea.

these pictures of rome have undone me. can we say wanderlust?

not so lucky as to get to see the head and the heart in concert anytime soon? the next best thing.

in light of the occupy wall street protest that is snowballing in new york, i found rolling stone's article on the security exchange commission nothing short of enlightening. (this one's mostly for my dad).

amy poehler / leslie knope. huzzah.

really gives one something to think about in light of the upcoming election. doesn't hurt that it's one of the best movies ever--and always good to watch when the weather turns cool.