a blogging break



I started this blog not long after I graduated college--when blogging was still very much its own wild-west--a sort of uncharted territory where everything and anything was possible. It's changed so much over the last five years. And I've changed so very much too.


I have been so lucky to have this space. So lucky to have such wonderful readers. So lucky to have so many people cheering me on and wishing me well and invested in how just how this thing will end. And holy shit, how will this thing end, you know?!


Life is good now. And there is a huge impulse to write--but to write something that is more of-a-piece, if you know what I mean. On my good days I've got maybe two hours worth of words in me and because of my limited time and resources I'm going to step away from blogging. But just for a bit.


Three months, maybe? Three months is my goal.


A little break. To write and regroup and experience life without the impetus to share so much and so often.


So let's meet back here middle of May.


When I say I'm grateful for my readers, I'm not blowing smoke. I really am. In more ways than I'll ever be able to say. So I hope you forgive me this absence. And hope that you'll continue reading when I do return.


Until then, I leave you with 40 posts from days gone by (in no particular order)... just to tickle your fancy.


1. who i am

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11. say yes. and yes. and yes again.

12. on finding ella

13. the asking

14. attraction + expectation

15. my two last words for you

16. the mystery of faith

17. infinities

18. not quite prom

19. on heartache

20. after a night of insomnia

21. i want...

22. so many questions

23. his fault

24. on roommates, and not having them

25. daydreaming on the train

26. the feeling of it

27. more faith

28. the-not-hello

29. on growing up

30. the subway note

31. forgiveness + the need to eat

32. the avett brothers | off switch magazine

33. what everyone ends up writing

34. a new age of lonely

35. the end of the thing

36. words and what needs to be said

37. regrets + wishes

38. paris explained

39. illumination

40. writing about the intangible

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until May...