speaking of jam...

a few days ago i got my own jar of jelly. and i am remiss to report that it is nearly finished. yes, already. what can i say? this girl likes her jam.

when i was in houston just a few weeks ago i got to have jalepeno jam. at a restaurant called reef helmed by james beard award nominee bryan caswell. let me just say this: this bryan fella, he knows how to make his food. i've been dreaming about that jam for days now. and not just the jam. but also the fresh beet ravioli. yes, beets! who knew?

i have a confession to make.

pizza in the city is something else.

in fact there's a little step-down shop on 74th and amsterdam that i go just about nuts over.

but my favorite pizza parlor in all the world is here in houston off of memorial drive.

oh napoli. with your red chairs, hard plastic plates, and lite-up board, few places can make me so happy.

and then there's that greek salad and slice of cheese. it may not look like much, but honey, let me tell you...